Get Ready for the 2018 “20 Days in September” Contest!

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For anglers who spend the summer chasing different fish species in rivers, lakes, and saltwater, the advent of fall can seem bittersweet.

Back in 2015, to ensure that ORVIS make the most of the late season, we launched the “20 Days in September” Photo Contest, which asks participants to dedicate extra time to fly fishing throughout the ninth month.

Over the past three years, the contest has grown by leaps and bounds, and those who have taken on the challenge have sent us countless emails and messages in our blog about how much fun they’ve had and how the contest has led them to discover local ponds and streams they’d overlooked for years.

So we are hoping to build on that success and have even more participation in 2018. And if you check out the prize list below, I think you’re going to want to give the contest a try this year.


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